Not a Flower [#SYTYCW15]

Not a Flower [#SYTYCW15]

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M.C. Vang By MaiChaos Completed

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For anyone who has ever fallen deeply in love with someone who can never be theirs, life stands still from that moment on.  Trying to move on is a bittersweet dream of trying to let go while at the same time desperately trying to hold on. 

Dr. Grace Madison knows this far too well. 

In love with Duval Roussiard for most of her life, Grace's heart was shattered when he marries her beloved sister Elizabeth. But Duval has only ever seen her as a friend and so she hides her feelings away as any good friend would do. When tragedy unexpectedly falls, Grace runs away, unable to deal with her grief, pain and guilt.  

Years later when a wedding invitation from Duval arrives announcing his marriage to someone else, Grace realizes she can no longer live in limbo. Deciding to attend the wedding and find closure to her entangled past, Grace's plan is disrupted when she meets his younger brother Adrian Roussiard, a wolfish brilliant man who has returned home carrying dark shadows of his own.

He becomes Grace's unlikely ally as she discovers that the once simple quest to find closure instead has become the catalyst for discovering herself. 

"Not a Flower" is a one woman's journey to self-discovery with a powerful love triangle along for a the ride; weaving the lives of three people who despite their outward successes in life are incomplete and broken in some essential way.  It's about understanding the lies we tell ourselves in order to move on, and what comes of living those lies.

nadddnad nadddnad Apr 04, 2016
Gosh. Imagine if someone was checking you out and you had said thank you. Lol
JackGP JackGP Dec 18, 2016
She's loved Duval for 10 years: he married her sister the year they (Duval and Grace) met; Duval and Elizabeth were married for 4 years before she died and Grace and Duval have not seen each other for 5 years... So the 10-year pining for Duval was accurate...
HelsBells7 HelsBells7 Jan 17, 2016
I was enjoying your writing but Wales and Scotland don't share a border so I'm out.
LizKeysian1 LizKeysian1 Oct 10, 2015
I think you have to vote for the Pitch, don't you, not the 1st chapter?  May be worth double checking? You don't want votes not to count!
FionaMarsden FionaMarsden Oct 10, 2015
A continuity error somewhere.  Grace says ten years first but then Duval says five and later Grace says five. Great start.
BarbTvrdik BarbTvrdik Oct 09, 2015
Wait... Elizabeth was her sister?! Did I read that right?
                              Chapter 1 sucked me right in. Now I have to know... does she go to the wedding? Hmmmm...