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High School (Lauren/You)

High School (Lauren/You)

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You are a normal teenage girl, who hasn't talked to anyone in school since your best friend left during sophomore year. 

It is now your senior year, you expected to just graduate. Like you're suppose to, no one talking to you and you talking to no one. But that changes the first day of your senior year, when you meet your new best friend, Dinah. 

Thanks to Dinah you got to meet four other girls. But one girl with green eyes always manages to keep you talking and smiling.

What is gonna go down in High School with the Lauren Jauregui?

klshaexo klshaexo Dec 19, 2016
This is legit my fifth period and met the teacher my first year at the school. To
ohandy ohandy Dec 28, 2016
My grandma would never let us use the word hate. She'd say "DON'T SAY HATE! SAY HIGHLY DISLIKE!"
klshaexo klshaexo Dec 19, 2016
Plot twist I was the one that leftamd moved halfway around the world and i moved to florida and shes in londom BUT we still talk and are going to a fifth harmony/ summertime ball conxert next summer
BlueNikiforovzki BlueNikiforovzki Oct 31, 2016
Is it weird that I'm the only college student here with 3 periods and reading a Lauren/you HS fic?🙂🔫
laurenjaureguislayin laurenjaureguislayin Oct 15, 2016
Lmfao lucky my mom is my uber because my license was confiscated cause I got a ticket