Rehab {Book Nine} (BoyxBoy)((ON HOLD))

Rehab {Book Nine} (BoyxBoy)((ON HOLD))

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мαχ αи∂ αℓуѕѕα ☼ By AlyssaEatsAMuffin Updated Nov 09, 2015

{Book Nine in the I Knew You Were Gay Series} It's been two years since December Colby and Aaron Reed have talked to each other. Two years of trying to move on and find love again.

But after they meet again at their brother's wedding, they rekindle their love. But, what December doesn't know is that Aaron may be the one who needs help this time around. 

(Aha, that was shitty. Oh well xD)

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I finished the whole series I'm like five days and then every timi read it I notice something different 💙
Little_Mx_Giggles Little_Mx_Giggles Sep 06, 2016
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope fûck I forgot this was a thing ;-;
popgoestheweezle popgoestheweezle Nov 05, 2016
Omg my parents proposal went like this 
                              Hey you wanna get married 
                              And it was in our house 2 years ago
Azun26 Azun26 Nov 10, 2016
I don't like food sometimes. makes me wanna gag but i eat cuz of my sister would notice and get on my case like mom does.
RaeannWilson RaeannWilson Jul 23, 2016
I just finished book 8 now im reading book 9 like not even 2 minutes later
HappilyDeadAndDark HappilyDeadAndDark Nov 05, 2016
If I ever go to a restaurant and someone tries to order salad and water I'm just going to say no because I brought you to some fancy ass restaurant and I am not wasting money on buying you leaves.