The Eye of the Storm {Book Seven} (ManxBoy)

The Eye of the Storm {Book Seven} (ManxBoy)

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мαχ αи∂ αℓуѕѕα ☼ By AlyssaEatsAMuffin Completed

Hayden Kastro has never been the same since his baby boy was taken away from him. He grieves day and night, and no matter how much help he gets, he can’t Kade out of his head. He curses himself for hurting him the way he did, but in his mind, he did it because he loved him.

Knoxx D’Lorence has a happy spirit, always trying to keep cheerful since his parents deaths. Though he has an older brother to take care of his four other siblings, he still acts as the fatherly figure, wanting to make sure all the kids are alright.

When Hayden meets Knoxx, he’s sure that no one- not even this joyful, optimistic boy- can save him. But Knoxx is set on proving the man wrong.

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Um, Hayden's story... I still have a major grudge on him erg!!!
                              But Idk what I think of the story
I knew it I never hated him he was in love and just unstable omg ash ash was some fkin sht
_AngryPeopleUnited_ _AngryPeopleUnited_ Jun 27, 2016
I mean what Hayden did was completely wrong and I can't forgive that, but he was just terrified of losing his 'baby' (Kade) and did what was in his power to make him stay even if it meant hurting him or making him scared to leave....or I could just me whack (⊙¿⊙)
DreamlessAshes DreamlessAshes May 18, 2016
"If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it was meant to be yours."
                              That's the full saying. If he was meant to be yours, he'll stay with you by his own will, not your will.
                              Honestly, like.....Niall Horan.....I have literal tears, this makes me unnaturally happy
HazzaLou4eva HazzaLou4eva Mar 29, 2016
I'm not gonna excuse what he did but I want him to get better for his sake and the peoples around him sake