Kakashi x neko reader

Kakashi x neko reader

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Your a neko who has fallen in love with your sensei, but you are hiding a secret from him. will he accsept you for who you are, or will he leave you forever to be alone? read to find out.

this is my first fanfiction so i hope you enjoy it^.^
if it sucks, plz go easy on me. thank you!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own you, Naruto or any pictures used in this book!

popbobrob popbobrob Apr 17
Damn. I have a stutter? Whatever, as long as it makes Kakashi~Senpai happy. ^^
- - Jun 27, 2016
I like this story, it's hard to find a kakashi X neko so thank u for righting this!
MisHatake MisHatake Aug 25, 2016
I love inner Sakura, CHAAAA NAROOOOO!!! (Japanese version of CHAAAA)