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Psychopath III ••J.J.K     (Completed)

Psychopath III ••J.J.K (Completed)

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i love you with all my soul
and you love me to the core
yet we can't be together
for you and i
are too toxic for one another....~~~

laurenk0409 laurenk0409 Mar 25
That's why kids are called 'stupid' and 'dumb'. Seriously, if you parents threw it away, there is a reason behind it obvoiusly. Durh...
hena_exo hena_exo Sep 17, 2016
Oh no... Either something is gonna happen to her or she's gonna bring the doll home
__miha __miha Aug 14, 2016
i usually don't get scared by reading things like this but istg it's 00:42 and The Weeknd's "initiation" is playing so rn this is fcking creeping the hell out of me (try to listen to the song and you'll understand)
jihyungmomochi jihyungmomochi Jul 25, 2016
This made me wonder ..........don't hey have jobs like I know jungkook is rich but ..  their gonna run out of money soon
PeachXeira0 PeachXeira0 Oct 19, 2016
It would be my pleasure to burn that doll ... Lol I'm the psycho here tho I like torturing things or stuffs
jihyungmomochi jihyungmomochi Jul 25, 2016
Oh so he is not the only one who remember that time was good imagining blood blood blood and MORE BLOOD IT WAS THE BEST