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Sweet Stalker ( PgxPg ) : Concluded.

Sweet Stalker ( PgxPg ) : Concluded.

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There will only be 7 planets left after I destroy Uranus. By lucario1d4 Completed

Oh my, this is the first time I'm uploading one of my fanfictions anywhere online (( and I'm only doing such because one of my closest friends told me I should ))...
I am pretty shy about sharing my fics on the internet but I think the time has come. :U

So, about this story...
(( This crap only gets decent after Chapter 8 )) 
Shit happens, I censor my own curse words on there because why the fuck not, and I'm always making sarcastic non relevant A/N's. 

Besides that we have a not so insane Vincent and a very immature colourful Scott. 

And though the title of this fic is kinda creepy I swear there's no rape included on here. I really just had no good titles. 

PS: This fic doesn't go 100% according the canon FNaF's plot (( it doesn't follow anything that happens in FNaF 4 since I didn't play the game yet and don't want spoilers )) and it also supposedly happens during the 80's, however all events occur in a parallel universe where back on the 80's the technology was as advanced as the technology we have today. 

I'll be trying to update the fic at least once a week. If I don't do update it I'm either motivationless, busy with school or dead. RIP me if that's the case. 

If you see any grammar errors please advise me but don't forget to say something about the fic as well.

Finished since: 5/29/16

Poor Vincent......I actually feel bad for him! And I hate him!
                              Vincent: 0-0 she feels bad for me?! This is a rare sight! But I still hate her :D
                              Me: -_-
;-; Vincent! Can me and you be friends now?!
                              Vincent: NOPE! I STILL HATE YOU! :D
                              Me: and I hate you again! I just remembered why I hate you....
soundscreecher soundscreecher Aug 31, 2016
God these are bad parents... I woulve hit them with a baseball bat
AlieWriterCat21 AlieWriterCat21 Aug 23, 2016
You shouldn't dislike or hate someone just because of how they act or how they look at least get to know them first
shadowhologram shadowhologram May 05, 2016
Omg this is a good story i almost cryd i feel so bad for Vinny
AlieWriterCat21 AlieWriterCat21 Aug 23, 2016
Don't worry Vinny I'll be your friend *cough* *cough* GIRLFRIEND *cough* *cough*