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Bethel By Mthrfckn_queen_ Updated Jan 26, 2016

Warning :
This is an italian mafia book.

This story contains swearing, sexual contact, weapondry, drugs, alcohol, homicides, both sexual and physical harrassment, ect.

Read at your own risk.

Noah, a stripper at a popular night club is forced to pay her deceased mothers debt off to the most powerful and dangerous mafia man in the world - Vitaly

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BrighterRed BrighterRed Mar 06
I don't understand how she can do both of them the same time at 10
chocolalal chocolalal May 16
Isn't a 100k each night enough to pay your mama's debt orrrr
Hoesprout Hoesprout Apr 16
Come on fam. 100,000 a night ? Don’t you think every person with a brain would have jumped on this now
animallover1604 animallover1604 Oct 11, 2017
Is it your reall name or stage name my friends stage name would be cinomen and mine surgar
Um0kay-- Um0kay-- Feb 12
I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE THIS INTRO. It really just catches your attention and omg. I just love.
Um0kay-- Um0kay-- Feb 12
She must have some tits of gold or something. Because I don’t know anyone making bank like that stripping.