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Bethel By Mthrfckn_queen_ Updated Jan 27, 2016

Warning :
This is an italian mafia book.

This story contains swearing, sexual contact, weapondry, drugs, alcohol, homicides, both sexual and physical harrassment, ect.

Read at your own risk.

Noah, a stripper at a popular night club is forced to pay her deceased mothers debt off to the most powerful and dangerous mafia man in the world - Vitaly

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BrighterRed BrighterRed Mar 06
I don't understand how she can do both of them the same time at 10
Damnit. Everyone knows that if you get too close they’ll take the gun
bruh_xoxoxo bruh_xoxoxo Jun 05, 2017
                              U GOT ME IN CHAINS FOR YOUR LOVE!!! 😄😄
animallover1604 animallover1604 Oct 11, 2017
Is it your reall name or stage name my friends stage name would be cinomen and mine surgar
Um0kay-- Um0kay-- Feb 12
I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE THIS INTRO. It really just catches your attention and omg. I just love.
Um0kay-- Um0kay-- Feb 12
She must have some tits of gold or something. Because I don’t know anyone making bank like that stripping.