heartbroken (natsu x reader)

heartbroken (natsu x reader)

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Miku By AnimeGamerGirl4Life Updated Apr 10

it was a cold and rainy night as the wind blew, scattered rain drops fell from the gloomy sky.                   

She walked into the loud and disruptive guild that she had missed dearly. It had seemed as if time had stopped itself a few moments after she had walked in. No one moved and no one spoke for they thought it was a dream. She stepped into the guild, her mouth opened to speak but her eyes drifted over to the salmon haired boy who was kissing one of her old best friends.

       Her world fell apart and from that point on she was heartbroken..

I'm just going to say yes you do end up being together and just letting everyone know that this story is kind of a musical so there's singing every now and then. 
Well I hope you guys enjoy this story ^_^

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Me: one ticket to magnolia please 
                              Employee: this is a child a child that must be running away from home I should call her parents............yeet!!! Here’s your ticket
BTS_Anime_ BTS_Anime_ Mar 27
It's called a magical stamp made by llamacorn potatoes
                              JK but that would be cool
This is only the second chapter and I can tell that author-chan is to nice......or maybe it's all a act
Y is it at the bus station? Was there some horrible detour or something?
LeoAndDaWhaleWatchrs LeoAndDaWhaleWatchrs Aug 11, 2016
I mean I naturally have a dude with Gray but I'm not that easily pissed off...
LeoAndDaWhaleWatchrs LeoAndDaWhaleWatchrs Aug 11, 2016
Natsu- Natsu Dragon Eel. I'm a cross between dragon and eel.