Steal My Heart

Steal My Heart

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McKenna By MP13Girl Updated Sep 14, 2017

Rose Rasmussen grew up with a protective cop as a father and a sweet, nurturing stay-at-home mother. Because of this, she never thought anything bad would ever happen to her. Until she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Bandits are a notorious bank robbing gang that have yet to be caught. As they're robbing the bank Rose unfortunately decides to go to, she manages to knock one of their masks off, revealing their face. Because of this, they decide to kidnap her so they can decide what they're going to do with her.

What will Rose do? Will she make it out alive, or die for what she has witnessed? And what will happen between her and the mysterious leader of the Bandits, Casey Sawyer?

  • bank
  • gắng
  • heart
  • love
  • rob
  • steal
  • thief
  • thieves
LikajMiri LikajMiri Feb 27, 2017
😂😂😂😂😂😂 that's harsh but I'm laughing my ass of
ventdog ventdog Aug 26, 2016
If there smart I hope they are robbing gold because the US dollar is pretty much worthless. What country does this take place in by the way?
- - Oct 11, 2016
The Bandits steal all this money, have fanboys, are impossible to catch and still have to cut fingers off?
                              Man, they should have their own mascot plushie as promotional gift to their victims instead of this messy knife stuff at this point! 
                              THAT would make them legendary XD
ellsybob ellsybob Jun 23, 2016
Wait, her name is rose, that's one of my friends sisters gold fishes names! We have sooo much in common!!! This is totally the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me!! 
                              I'm 14 so that's saying a lot about my life
luce_sunshine_ luce_sunshine_ May 28, 2016
Oh its the robbers from Enders. After reading other books from this author, im not surprised it's connected somehow
Taybell101 Taybell101 Oct 14, 2016
My little cousin's name is Iceis and I thought it was pretty until I found out her mom named her after the drug, her full name is Iceis Serenity like Ice Is Serenity