Neglected ninja

Neglected ninja

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belle7071 By belle7071 Updated Nov 11, 2016

This fanfiction belongs to me , but Naruto belongs to his author of his manga. Also this Fanfiction will be different from the manga so if you don't like this than don't read.
The cover doesn't belong to me

Naruto grews up neglected, depressioned and beaten almost everyday. This came from his parents only training his twin sister and brother to become his real life jailers.

Finally Naruto tries to end it all after one beating ,but is stopped by two mystery people right before its too late. After finding out the truth about the neglect and finally gains acceptance Naruto changes.

After Naruto changes his parents finally realize what was going on and tries to change.

Now changed with new precious people Naruto gains new friends, new skills, and true love.

Will Naruto forgive his parents and move on? Or Will Naruto continue on to his new path and not look back and forgot his family?

  • depression
  • hurt
  • minatoandkushinaalive
  • naruto
  • neglect
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It would have been quite a 'coincidence' if her name was Mary
How old are they again? Should they really be "getting it on"at this age?
spoopy_chan spoopy_chan Nov 01
*cue the song*
                              I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!
                     is not the time. Oops
AsunaXI AsunaXI Mar 23
Ahhh, I get what the rant in the book bout naru cliches that kushina and minato hatin naru is about now
Astrikiller Astrikiller Jun 13
                              These clan names........
                              Seem very familiar.......
This is cracking my heart made of drive (which is encased in ice)