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Trapped In Dragon Season(Fairy Tail Fanfic)

Trapped In Dragon Season(Fairy Tail Fanfic)

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EXO FOREVER!!! By Ot12WeAreOne12 Updated Dec 24, 2016

The whole of Fiore is empty.After a giant zombie outbreak emerges.Its been 2 years and almost every human is Fiore is zombie or dead.Human kind is running out. the only remaining humans takes a boat to an island just off of Fiore.The only humans left that they know of is Lucy,Natsu,Gajeel,Gray,Jellal,Sting,Rouge and Laxus. The timing is worse to be trapped on a deserted island because dragon season is happening. All the dragon slayers already have a mate they want but they are all dead. So the only female left is Lucy. Gray and Jellal try to protect Lucy.Will love happen or will Lucy be torn to shreds by the dragon slayers.

Why Natsu and Juvia??? It should be Natsu and Lucy and Gray and Juvia!
U........ nononononooo. If Natsu and Juvia  were together then I'm glad Juvia is dead.
prinsess7878 prinsess7878 Aug 23, 2016
No Natsu I'm laughing because my friends are all dead ... OF COURSE IM CRYING NATSU !!!!! Said Lucy .
milliewolf123 milliewolf123 Aug 04, 2016
It should have been laxus an Mira. Natsu and Lissana ( because Lucy said she was single ). Gajeel and levy.sting and who ever. Rogue and yukino. Jellal and erza. And finally gray and juvia
bunny-girl777 bunny-girl777 Jun 05, 2016
Out of all the zombie books and movies I read and seen they all seem to like human flesh
Wow Natsu wow (you have feeling for her weather you like  it or not)