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IMAGINES ⌲ thomas

IMAGINES ⌲ thomas

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p a i g e By sourstiles Updated Apr 15, 2016

❝ We get out now, or we die trying. ❞


HiccaJacksonFrost14 HiccaJacksonFrost14 Aug 04, 2016
Yes because I chose to come up in a box with half my memory gone. Totally all my fault
zerksi zerksi Oct 01, 2016
I will shank your balls off so ferociously then I'll hand you to the Grievers, motherfucker. SO GTF AWAY FROM ME
zoeestilinski_ zoeestilinski_ Nov 13, 2016
How about I hit you with a fućking brick and we can see what happens next
nouisnudes nouisnudes Jul 30, 2016
Thomas would catch these hands on the spot if he ever said that to me
-VoidMikaelson- -VoidMikaelson- Nov 27, 2016
ιf ι ∂ι∂и'т нσσк υρ ωιтн уσυ ωнєи ι ωαѕ ѕιиgℓє ι ѕυяє αѕ нєℓℓ αιи'т нσσкιиg υρ ωιтн уσυ иσω
R5ers_for_life R5ers_for_life Jul 08, 2016
Ok so my lips have their own lives??? I know what you mean but it's still kinda funny