Into The Woods - Harry Styles * ON HOLD *

Into The Woods - Harry Styles * ON HOLD *

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Rosalie Elizabeth-Anna Argoes is the soon to be queen of Castle Hill, a small kingdom in Britain. Her mother and father had planned to soon step down from their positions, but when Rose's uncle, Jeffery, decides to attack their beloved kingdom they are forced to run from their homeland and into the woods. There are stories that have been told for centuries about the dark forest, but Rosalie believes them to only be mere fairy-tales made up to scare the young children from venturing into the woods. 

Harry Edward Styles is the leader of Death Valley, a village hidden within the dark forest. He is ruthless and cold-hearted, and will stop at nothing to save his people. 

When Rosalie stumbles upon his dangerous place he calls home, all hell will break loose with her arrival and the dangers that follow her. 

                                         - ONGOING -

Cover by: @JonasKryptonite 
Editor: @RitaaMargg

Tbh if I was in that situation I would NOT call that man my uncle
Dancingheart622 Dancingheart622 Aug 03, 2016
True! When I read this I imagined "squeak squeak" with every word he said 😂! Rofl!
Dancingheart622 Dancingheart622 Aug 03, 2016
What the heck did I get into? 😳 Jk! Imma keep reading 😄
_s_i_n_n_e_r_ _s_i_n_n_e_r_ Feb 25, 2016
I think your name is something, ANDREA.
                              Well, I am already becoming addicted to your writing.
                              All of your stories-
                              1. Psyco sitter
                              2.The sexton house
                              all are my favourite.
                              Love ya.
brokeasff brokeasff Jul 19, 2016
Im about to cry why is this on hold . I mean id finish 19 chaps in 5 seconds and i dont want to die of anticipation
I know this boy named Danny and I've had a crush on him but I don't think he likes me like that