Spy vs. Spy (Cash AU fanfic)

Spy vs. Spy (Cash AU fanfic)

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ThatGuyFan By Justme1500 Updated Nov 24, 2016

Nash Grier, one of the gentlest, kindest and stealthiest spies in his company

Cameron Dallas, one of the most reckless, loud and outgoing spies in his company.

What will happen if these two clash?

Keturah545 Keturah545 Jan 15
I just made a super loud teenage girl sound at the thought of Johnson.
Keturah545 Keturah545 Jan 15
This is me as a spy. Just so unperformed and unpredictable and so unprepared
MatthewLee070797 MatthewLee070797 Nov 21, 2016
Wait, you have an ass? Oh, I didn't see it. Guess its just like my future career. Nonexistent.
paulsprostate paulsprostate Jul 25, 2016
honestly same, carter sucks so go on and go with someone who deserves you matt my son
Keturah545 Keturah545 Jan 15
Johnson is your bae? *chuckles* that's cute. He's my husband.
blueblackjosh blueblackjosh Jun 04, 2016
I've been waiting for a while to read this because I got my phone taken so YAYY I'M PUMPED FOR THIS