The Mate He Never Wanted

The Mate He Never Wanted

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Fast&Furious7_isLife By Capuccino_Baby Updated Apr 02, 2016

The most hypnotizing scent  hit my nose . It smelt like fresh rain and honey. I looked up only to find the most gorgeous man I have ever laid my eyes on. His shirt hugged him, complimenting his biceps and well defined 6 pack. I'm sorry did I say 6 pack? I meant to say 8 pack. Damn. Those abs. His eyes snapped to mine and I immediately got lost in them.

" Mate" my wolf Rydia said " Go to mate , Mate will help us"

We stared at each other and I got lost in his crystal clear sea blue eyes that were light and an emotion flashed through them before I could try and decipher it. They suddenly became hard and he  looked away and started talking to one of my captors.  

He's going to save us right? I thought,

His next comment shattered me in a million pieces.

" Kill her"


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Sabreeinaa Sabreeinaa Apr 20
My handsome styles aka Dylan O'brian 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
At least I do but I'm pretty sure the sluts at my school like their face being baked cakr
I don't know how I'd feel waking up to that every morning. Haha.
I hate math but only like 1 thing about it but dont have it until after Christmas break so lucky me
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Bob, Bob Jr.,Mahnameisjef, bobthebiulder,pizza,blurryface etc.