The Mate He Never Wanted

The Mate He Never Wanted

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Fast&Furious7_isLife By Capuccino_Baby Updated Apr 02, 2016

The most hypnotizing scent  hit my nose . It smelt like fresh rain and honey. I looked up only to find the most gorgeous man I have ever laid my eyes on. His shirt hugged him, complimenting his biceps and well defined 6 pack. I'm sorry did I say 6 pack? I meant to say 8 pack. Damn. Those abs. His eyes snapped to mine and I immediately got lost in them.

" Mate" my wolf Rydia said " Go to mate , Mate will help us"

We stared at each other and I got lost in his crystal clear sea blue eyes that were light and an emotion flashed through them before I could try and decipher it. They suddenly became hard and he  looked away and started talking to one of my captors.  

He's going to save us right? I thought,

His next comment shattered me in a million pieces.

" Kill her"


Sabreeinaa Sabreeinaa Apr 20
My handsome styles aka Dylan O'brian 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
At least I do but I'm pretty sure the sluts at my school like their face being baked cakr
I hate math but only like 1 thing about it but dont have it until after Christmas break so lucky me
xXxGenocidexXx xXxGenocidexXx Sep 12, 2016
Bob, Bob Jr.,Mahnameisjef, bobthebiulder,pizza,blurryface etc.
VictoriaJackson001 VictoriaJackson001 Jun 09, 2016
Dammit! Not again! Ummm... sorry. *walks over awkwardly and takes his shirt off. Has a basket of dirty laundry* Um, I'l just uh... *Put water on his abs and starts scrubbing the dirty clothes against his abs* So how ya doin?