I'm the best street racer, a girl with problems, and a mate to a werewolf! WTF?

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Spirit Young is a 16 year old girl with many talents and just as many problems. She has a short temper, protective issues, and some events in her life that has changed her and her whole life. She is THE champion of street racing, better than any NASCAR pros. She is a legend. Her street racing name is The Speed Demon. Street racing is her life and is her passion. When she's racing, it seems as if the world is finally on her side. Also she is smart, sly, clever, and knows how to out talk anybody. The most amazing thing about her though is her spirit, just like her name. Her spirit is strong, feirce, determined, never wrong, caring, but the most amazing thing is that it's still unbroken. She's been through much more than a normal person yet her spirit refuses to break.
    Trenton Wolf is a werewolf who is an awesome street racer. He is undeafeted. He likes his life except he's eager to find his mate. So he's in for the hsock of his life when a girl beats him at what he thought was his game and he finds his mate.
@Ninja501615 she had a roof over her head and food in her belly
@musicwolf19 personally I like this story a lot. Update woman lol
Please change the title of your story; its ridiculously long and tells the entire story in one sentence. Titles are meant to be short, to-the-point and give the reader a brief idea of what the story is like.
I personally think that your book summary is... well... stunk.
                                    Just kidding I thought it was amazing. I think the summary would be awesome for a back of a book. Good Job. Good Job.
hello did you just forget about this story please i would love it if you would upload for heaven sake