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Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write Contest By HarlequinSYTYCW Updated Aug 18, 2015

My to-do list for planning this society wedding was supposed to be simple:
1. Arrange some tastefully naughty pre-wedding activities for the bridal party.

2. Get the bride and groom down the aisle so they can get started on their happily ever after.

But now the groomsmen—aka five of the world's most outrageous playboys—are running wild, the groom is running scared and the bride is running me ragged! That's bad enough but with Tate Langfield (yes, that Tate Langfield; he of The Kiss That Cannot Be Forgotten) distracting me at every turn, if I don't take drastic action this wedding—not to mention my career – will end in disaster!
Clearly I need to relax so maybe the only way to regain my focus is to do the one thing I've never dared? And what could be more…tension-relieving…than a night of unbridled passion with the gorgeous Tate? It could be our little secret, dear diary…

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valanra valanra Oct 06, 2015
Omg I love harlequin presents books. It's my guilty pleasure... I own a bunch and read more in the book store. I just camp out until closing time lol. This chapter is great, if it is an actual book I might have to buy it so I can reread it. Nothing beats actually owning the tangible version lol