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A Mermaid Tail [A Nalu Fanfiction]

A Mermaid Tail [A Nalu Fanfiction]

42.5K Reads 1.6K Votes 13 Part Story
「 trash 」 By oltiimra Completed

「 reader! before you decide to read this, honestly, this fanfiction is so old i realize i could've done so much better. there are a lot of great fanfictions out there that don't include an incredible amount of old, cringe-worthy grammar mistakes; you might want to find one of those!! 」

Lucy Heartfilia has lived in the ocean for 17 years. But, she is tired of living under her father's strict rules, not being able to communicate with the Walkers. 

One day, Lucy's curiosity gets the best of her. She just had to leave the Merineel to see the Walkers...

But, she finds herself getting chased around by Walkers, ones that are wanting jewels. In their eyes is how much a mermaid would sell for... 

Lucy luckily escapes to a strange pink-haired pirate's ship. This pirate's name was Natsu Dragneel.

He and his crew were after a precious stone, the Merineel Stone. It could sell for millions of jewels, but in Natsu's eyes, give a great journey and grant one wish to the one who claims it. 

Lucy ends up staying with him, in safety from the Walkers. But she finds herself in a bigger problem. Falling in love with the pirate in the process...

TheKawaiiPotatoGod TheKawaiiPotatoGod Nov 19, 2016
Nickinya Nickinya Feb 05
You call those legs clean I can see a hair there!!!!!
                              ..I got ..dry
                              .....and so if you seem the remix with the old lady then you know me and we Will be great friends
Tharkflark1 Tharkflark1 Jul 28, 2016
does anyone else who reads this imagine Natsu with a pirate accent?
                              Anyway i really like this story! I've read many others like this but this one is my favorite? ;)
I just imagine a white dolphin looking completely normal then you look up and see plues face XD
monkeybombom_funfun monkeybombom_funfun Aug 05, 2016
why when they said 'walkers' i thought of the walking dead.........