Creepypasta Lemon

Creepypasta Lemon

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xxxDarkFlamexxx By xxxDarkFlamexxx Updated Jul 27, 2016

~Hey Creepypasta Lovers~

Just something I've been wanting to do. XD


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If he barged in to the bathroom I would have slapped him into a whole other universe
NatCat2120310 NatCat2120310 May 21, 2017
Plot twist: offenderman and BEN are recording it, and upload it to YouTube
Explain to me why I read lemons and yaoi lemons at school. Because I have no idea 😂😂😂
- - Mar 16, 2016
I see two things.....
                              1)him.coming into the bathroom while I'm taking a shower! I near about killed my sister for doing that! Imagine what I'd do to him.....
                              2)him calling me babe, I would jack slap him straight to China for that one
SleepyArtist87 SleepyArtist87 Apr 26, 2016
Roses r red thorns are prickly
                              Omg....that escalated quickly
TheEmoBlueWolf TheEmoBlueWolf Dec 12, 2016
Blood is Red
                              Bruises are Blue
                              You better run Jeff,
                              CAUSE I WILL KILL YOU!! IM NOT READY TO HAVE A BABY!!!!!