The Good Girl

The Good Girl

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Sehrum ☺️ By sehrum02x Updated Aug 21

Shannon Moore. She's more than a good girl. She's the good girl that gets bullied and tortured. She is the good girl that everyone bullies for no reason.

She only has one friend who is her neighbour. That's it.

But one day arrives...and that is the day when Sean's eyes focus on her. 

Will this certain brown haired boy change her life forever?

Big thanks to @CreatureFears for the stunning, eye-catching cover

OK, she can trip me, spill water on me, but take my food........?
                              Nah she'll have to go the hospital...
whoah whoah whoah!! bitch u went to far...NOBODY messes with me and food
kjohns10 kjohns10 Mar 04
Trust me. I'm all about giving to the less fortunate. You need meat on those bones.
HeyItzzEmma HeyItzzEmma Oct 21
@haileywilson07 damn isn't really a swear word if you think about it
Nah, he's just have them abs and musclier body which make him hot, that's all to be honest :) and WAIT, also a nice ass ;)
Lol ^ I also like how you don't have a lot of  grammatical errors