The Ring ↛ [Austin Mahone]

The Ring ↛ [Austin Mahone]

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angelface By AJMACM Updated 6 days ago

"Lana Tessler, now what is a girl like you doing here?" We were the only ones in this room, but I expected my trainer to be here, why is Lana here?

She climbed through the black and red ropes of the square and now, we were in each others personal space.

I gave her a confused look as to what she thinks she doing. Does she even know what she's doing?

She was wrapping her hands in still black wrap. What the hell is she doing? I notice as she's wrapping her hands and wrists, she has tattoos. Lots of them. Both of her arms are full, she has some on her legs, some on her upper back from what I've seen.

This isn't real. "Lana, you aren't supposed to be here, how the hell did you even find this place?" I asked.

I blink, and next thing I knew pain struck the left side of my face, holy shit. Did she just hit me? 

"Rule number one, Austin. Never lose focus. Always pay attention to your opponent dipshit."

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