sent back (a naruto fanfic)#watty2016

sent back (a naruto fanfic)#watty2016

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In the middle of the forest one would think that it would be peaceful. But that is not the case. Two people were in a small clearing fighting. The clash of metal and occasional yelps of pain echoed through the forest. Beyond the forest there was, or rather, used to be a village. Now only rubble and corpses remain. There were few still alive; maybe 100 at the most left from the thousands that once were there.

Friends, comrades, teammates, loved ones, all lying on the ground bloodied and lifeless. Death lingered in the air as the final enemy went down. The people who were still alive but severely injured turned to look at what once was their village, their home. Konoha was no more. Orochimaru had succeeded in that, but he would not live to feel the pride for long.

Uzumaki Naruto, along with Tsunade, Jiraiya, and quite a few ANBU, were still fighting. The final battle was about to be won. Orochimaru was tired, out of energy and out of options. Or so they thought.

"I'll make you pay for...

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KyleFinn2 KyleFinn2 Oct 31, 2017
only the first chapter and i can already say with certainty that i love this story personally hope this is still being released its wonderful
WhatislifeGurl WhatislifeGurl Aug 03, 2017
I did that to my mom didn't end well😖😨😱😵
_goawayimreading_ _goawayimreading_ Nov 04, 2017
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                              I got a pencil in my nose 
                              And I beat my diaper everywhere I go 
                              I like to hop hop like a bunny 
                              I pooped my pants and now its runny 
                              I'm sorry I have been watching too much SML Jeffy on YouTube 😂😂
rosymalik rosymalik Apr 23, 2017
I wish I could act on impulse but that is usually violent soooooo I feel sorry for that one teacher that got hit with a binder many years ago
wolfmoonhowler wolfmoonhowler Dec 20, 2017
I was always confused whenever the quiet, moody drama queen of a dude got the girl
                              How can anyone be attracted to someone who isn’t capable of caring about anyone but themselves
LimeadeSyrup LimeadeSyrup Mar 24, 2017
I don't really like NaruHina in fanfic. It's canon and frankly boring for me.