She Rejected Me(GXG)

She Rejected Me(GXG)

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Roar Bitches. By Kandy_Kraze135 Updated Mar 21, 2016

Emily Stone has lead a pretty decent life. An out of the closet bisexual werewolf. She's popular at school and has the looks. Short blonde hair with the pair of the most stunning blue eyes. But she has two secrets. She is viciously abused at home and her mate Madison Wright, rejected for her best friend, the Alpha.

Madison Wright. Her name says it all. Queen bee and school/pack slut. Life at home is splendid. Her parents give her anything she wants and let her throw the wildest parties ever. And dating the Alpha is wonderful, but what about Emily Stone her mate who she rejected. What will happen to her?

                                                    Lets find out!   (Warning!!! Trigger warning for verbal and physical abuse)

Let the hoe feel it.
                              ''Every ''no'' is a yes for someone better"
I feel like a big chunk of story is missing. This went really fast.
Maybe that father im the first chapter is not her biological father and she moved to another pack and found his true father
-_DontTell_- -_DontTell_- Mar 21, 2016
Don't take the b.tch back ...let her suffer on what she messed up and show her what she missing out on
maysen101 maysen101 Jan 16
Heroin is a super serious drug. Like its probably the deadliest and most addictive. Thats really sad.
aliceofahummansacric aliceofahummansacric Mar 06, 2016
So she went to a dffrent pack and got adopted by the alpha, her new life is great!