Chansoo - Good Boys and Bad Boys || #Wattys2016

Chansoo - Good Boys and Bad Boys || #Wattys2016

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~Jess~ By peachyten Completed

Park Chanyeol was a bad boy, tattoos, piercings, he smoked, he drank and a small boy, three years younger was his weakness. His name was Do Kyungsoo. 

Do Kyungsoo was 15, he was innocent, pure and he was a good boy. He was scared of the gang of bad boys in year 13; the leaders name? Park Chanyeol.

What will happen when Chanyeol's gang and Kyungsoo and his friends have to work together? They have one thing in common, their passion is singing and dancing.


Omg badass Chanyeol is fcking goood u make this so interesting that Chanyeol's gay omfg omfg need to continue!!
                              But how come people's still afraid of him when people knew he's not straight?
Lol all i could think of when i read this bit was the intro to Merlin xD
Chanyeol sexy as it is but now he's so sexy I just might die my heart is playing to much right now
okaywillis okaywillis Jun 12
it's cute how Chanyeol is the bad boy and he still wants to keep Kyungsoo innocent instead being like "AYO WANT SOME DRÜGS, I GOT SOME, YOU SHOULD GET A PIERCING ON YOUR TONGUE, GET A TATTOO ON YOUR FORHEAD THAT SAYS SATANS SON AND ILLUMINATI 666"
                              you know what I mean
RedLuck1288 RedLuck1288 Jul 31
That's why, kids, u never messed up with a Sassy Byun Baekhyun.