Son of a Billionaire

Son of a Billionaire

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"Come here, I need a hug"

I walk over to go give her a hug. But as soon as I touched her the spark made me not want to let go.

"You can let go out me now, I want to sleep" She whispers. Her breath fanning on my neck.

"No, I can't, I am not going to let go of you" I feel for the zipper on her skirt. 

Her hand smacks mine away. "I might be drunk, but I am most certainly not that drunk Mr. Hadrian Stone"
"Fine, I will sleep with you" I say laying down on her bed.

"No, not sleep with me you are going to sleep in the same bed, nothing is going to happen, like I said I
'I might be drunk, but I am not that drunk' so think again bud"

Oh my god I love the way she calls me 'bud', I feel like a teenage girl. And that is not good, but I don't care.

"Okay, I guess that will have to be okay for now" I say pulling her close to me

"Good-night" She says.


I wait for a bit before I kiss her temple. Her skin is so smooth. I kiss her cheek. The spark makes my lips burn.

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