Mafia Boss ✔

Mafia Boss ✔

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~Ḏíähmȫṇd ~ By RoyaltyHarrison Updated Nov 21

Royalty Petrova is another normal sixteen year old girl with a dream of being a famous and A1 cheerleader. Just when she's getting there she ends up sold to the deadly mafia by her parents under a mysterious dark agreement which Rei had no idea about. Rei finds herself traveling to Italy and living with the actual bosses of the mafia! 

Living in a mansion with filled with mafia men is one thing but loving a mafia agent and his true intentions is another story and Rei finds herself in love with a mafia agent and they lived happily ever after.... or so you thought! 

How will this story end? Mafia Boss style or Cinderella?

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Honestly. If I was in ur position, I'd be thinking about my younger sister. Not me
LMAO I'm imagining a little Japanese kid with a bowl cut 😂😂😂🔫
GabbyMozel GabbyMozel Oct 28
It drew me in! Great story. I noticed your grammar was a little off, but that's fine. Creative and neat!
Bishh I rather be homeless with my kids rather than selling them for more money that's fücked up 😂