A Silent Plea (Sting x Reader)

A Silent Plea (Sting x Reader)

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MiriMattieDreyStrom By MiriMattieDreyStrom Updated Dec 09, 2016

~Sting seems to hate the girl known as (Y/n).

(Y/n) loves the boy known as Sting.

(Y/n) has a secret.

And it's not a good one.~

Am I the only one laughing my ass off? XD 
                              I love dirty jokes :3
Why couldn't it be Panic! At The Disco or Fall Out Boy?
                              *low key jamming out*
I said Bob.
                              It's pretty much the only random name I can think of.
                              Also, if you know the HOO fandom, I'M SORRY! I HAD TO!
                              I'm gonna go bathe in holy water and hope it helps.
Me- *starts Singing Crawling, Numb(Linking park) or Zombie(Miser)*
                              I have too dark soul to sing one direction (even when i like Drag Me Down song 😅)
why one direction not try to be rude but i think it should be gasoline by halsey or something else