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Call for Obstruction (The Courier #1)

Call for Obstruction (The Courier #1)

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Wendy Howard By WendyHoward Updated Jan 04, 2016

My name is Barry, although it might as well be Loser. Satan owns my soul, and my demon boss tortures me with her magical cigarettes and inflicts Montezuma's revenge whenever I avoid my duties of opening the Gates of Hell. I desperately want my freedom. But I'll also do anything to stop the damned souls from spilling onto earth. For a screw up like me, my chances of saving mankind are slim. Still, I have to try.
  Call for Obstruction won the 2009 Textnovel Writing Contest. If you like a mix of horror and comedy, this is a book for you. This story is fast paced, so put on your seat belt. The unique characters will take you on a crazy ride.
  This book was originally written as a Twitternovel. You can still follow the novel on Twitter at @TheCourierNovel. Most of the original story is still there if you don't mind reading backward. Today, the main character tweets on the account. 
  Warrant for Damnation, book 2 of The Courier series and the prequel, Fall for Freedom are now releasing here on Wattpad.
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cHaOsOfWar cHaOsOfWar Mar 18, 2016
I do like your writing style. This would not be my normal genre but you make it intriguing. It feels like you are writing for a younger audience but I'm so old it would be hard to do otherwise.
sammaglamma sammaglamma Mar 03, 2016
I reread this and I really enjoy the style that which you write! It's not too descriptive and complicated to understand and it keeps a level of suspense that keeps the reader scavenging for more ;) very good!!!!
bayaBLUE bayaBLUE Mar 09, 2016
I am intrigued. What an interesting beginning. I like your writing style... Very reader friendly. 😘
sarahklwilson sarahklwilson Aug 17, 2016
I clicked on your book because it had the same vibe as one of mine. I sure am glad that I did. Great first chapter!!
BookshelfBattle BookshelfBattle Aug 19, 2015
Hell at overcapacity?  I knew there were more bad people than good!  Cool concept.  Keep it up.