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The Zero Seat: Book 1 |For Her| Shokugeki no Soma|☂ | Under Editing!

The Zero Seat: Book 1 |For Her| Shokugeki no Soma|☂ | Under Editing!

94.9K Reads 3.1K Votes 40 Part Story
кσυ ѕєиραι By SenpaiKou Completed

The Zero Seat : Summary 
  A Shokugeki no Soma Fanfiction 
  In Tōtsuki Culinary Academy consists of The Elite Ten  Council which is formed of the ten best students in all the Academy. 
  But this Academy has a secret the zero seat. You can't have one without zero to start with right? The zero seat is a secret from all Tōtsuki Culinary Academy or is it only rumor that hangs by a thread? 
  Karou Fujimori  is Tōtsuki Culinary Academy's zero seat. She spent most of her time studying cooking abroad  when she was young . Karou found something she was talented at and had passion for it.
  But ,Karou whole life has been consumed of darkness ever since her parent died in a plane crash five years ago. That passion that she had vanished even though she get compliments on her excellent dishes. She feel that something is missing from her dishes and she hopes that going to Tōtsuki Culinary Academy that she'll find what she missing.
  Will Yukihira Soma bring light in Karou world of darkness? How long will Karou secret  remain a  secret?
  Special thanks to: @Captain_Crackers and @bluediamond19 
  For editing this book.

WhyDoStuff WhyDoStuff May 16
I know how ya feel, except for the whole social life thing, I don't have that
XumbreonXx XumbreonXx Jun 19
Hi author-san! Do you still need someone for this? I would love to help!! :D
A little girl's parents just died and their concern is if she can carry their legacy -_-
                              Wow. Just wow. -_-
FairyLoverofTheMoon FairyLoverofTheMoon Apr 12, 2016
Though there are some small fatal flaws, I really like it and I can't wait to read more.
Natsu-mii Natsu-mii Jan 12
I like how the first question they choose to ask is about the girl lol
m_e_m_e_t_a_s_t_i_c m_e_m_e_t_a_s_t_i_c Jun 06, 2016
                              Unless the creases of her lips would not move, resulting in a emotionless state she is in