Harry Potters little sister

Harry Potters little sister

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Hannah's P.O.V 

"Hurry up Harry I don't want to miss the train." I called as I ran to the train. My brother Harry and I are going to Hogwarts. Its Harry's 3rd year and my 2nd year. 'I'm coming. I'm coming. Slow down." Harry called after me. "How can I? I get to see all my friends. And we don't have to deal with. I don't even want to say his name." That had made Harry laugh. As I was getting in the train I saw a blond boy staring at me. He did that last year too. Harry and I went around looking for Hermonie, Ron, and Ginny. "I found them." I said to Harry. We both went in and sat down. 

"Um guys. Can I tell you some thing?" They all looked at me waiting for me to tell them. "Since I started school last year, there has been a boy who stares at me. He has bright blond hair and I think he's in the Slytherin house." When I said that every ones eyes widened. "Do you know him?" I asked. ''We know exactly who he is." Ron said. "His name is Draco Malfoy. His father works for you know who. Als...

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Shewshi Shewshi Jan 05
*Hairy man knocks down door* Your a wizard
                              Seems legit
                              *Ginger woman says to run into a wall*
                              seems legit
                              *Old man says you have to die*
                              seems legit
                              *Guy with no nose says you must die so he can live forever*
                              seems legit
                              *Blonde wants to be friends*
                              HELL NAH BITCH