You Don't Know Me (Naruto Fanfic)

You Don't Know Me (Naruto Fanfic)

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Resonance15 By Resonance15 Updated Oct 11, 2016

Naruto Uzumaki the self proclaimed, annoying, orange loving idiot right.......? 

Wrong when the rookie 9 and guy's team hold a fun get together on October 10 (naruto's birthday but they don't know that)  aka. the kyuubi festival they find out more about  Naruto's torturous life then they ever realized. 

Can they save the boy they barely knew in the first place.

  • attemptedsuicidal
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  • love
  • mentionedofsexualabuse
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  • selfharm
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GreyAlphaOmega GreyAlphaOmega Nov 15, 2017
Poor naruto i want to be there to be his protector or roommate!!
Ryuuma_Yosuga Ryuuma_Yosuga Jul 31, 2017
"In and out, in and out" o///o 
                              Stupid Troublesome perverted thoughts
Pain is a way for people to know..if they are alive..or just a walking corpse..
Mimisyazani Mimisyazani Dec 18, 2017
Im surprised that the mighty and great demon kyuubi no kitsune known as the fox that bring destructions can be so...
blossom_presto blossom_presto Oct 26, 2017
at this moment...
                              90000 fan girls died including myself T_T
pjofangirl211 pjofangirl211 Dec 30, 2017
Shouldn't you put the warning before him putting it to his wrist?