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Sincerely Luna Rose

Sincerely Luna Rose

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Madeline By writerbug44 Completed

Dear Nobody,
My name is Luna Rose Wesley and I'm just like any other girl my age. I have some secrets, I'm afraid of the future, I have some complicated relationships and some amazing friends, and I'm just trying to do anything that I can to survive. But as the days pass, it seems like surviving in my world is becoming more difficult with every minute. You see, without any money, my family is forced to live in in an apartment building that's smack dab in the center of our rundown part of the city. And my mother is just a work of art. She is now addicted to drugs, and she isn't trying very hard at all to try to get us out of our inner-city situation. 
Living in constant fear, not only of what's outside my window at night, but also of my violent dealing brother living in the room across the hall, I have to find a way to cope without putting a bullet in my skull like so many of my fallen brethren. And my coping mechanism is to write letters to nobody- to you- and sending it to an address that doesn't exist. I need somebody to talk to without that somebody thinking that I'm looking for pity, so I've found you. Nobody. Thanks for listening.
Luna Rose

(Rated Mature for the mentioning of sex, drug use, violence, and profane language. Does not contain actual sex scenes.)

AmieAguillon AmieAguillon Feb 08, 2016
I feel like the adress is real and at the very end of the book the person she wrote the letter too will write back to her
izzymidnight5665 izzymidnight5665 Sep 05, 2016
You know that the people outside her room are going to read that backwards right?
28rubberducksonaboat 28rubberducksonaboat Sep 13, 2016
                              ...nah I'm probably wrong but I'll stick to my theory
This is so depressing... but she sounds very strong. I like that she hasn't lost her will yet as thats something no one can take away from you - you can only give it up yourself
dreamwriter02 dreamwriter02 Aug 18, 2016
His name is frosty....who wouldn't want to date a snowman?!?!?😍😍😂😂😂
AmieAguillon AmieAguillon Feb 09, 2016
Sometimes drugs can be your escape, other times it can be your reality check.