Between The Three Of Us

Between The Three Of Us

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💫🌟🔱🌟💫 By _mystic_love Updated Dec 21, 2016

Cameron, a 22-year-old, model-like looks, hottie, offered his equally attractive, 21-year-old best friend, Jake, to move into his mansion-like house with him, and his mom.
Cameron and Jake have a secret hidden from everyone, a secret both are too scared to tell- they're Bisexual. They don't know how it happened, they just kissed one day and it escalated from there...


Life was great for them, they had everything they thought they could ever want.

Until they met her.

Out of nowhere, Sofia, a beautiful, goddess looking, 20-year-old, comes into their lives and changes everything and both guys begin to feel an empty feeling, a feeling only she can fill. They think. Can Cameron and Jake keep it together? Or will they try to make a "special" agreement to feed their secret, sexual fantasies?

  • boyxgirlxboy
  • fantasy
  • fiction
  • mature
  • sexual
crissypaxson crissypaxson May 11, 2017
im kinda confused first the speaking parts were in bold now the other parts are?
WindRider_by_storms WindRider_by_storms Feb 14, 2016
Holy crap I wasn't expecting that ... It started so innocently, but way to go, bait and hooked.... Awesome start!!
_mystic_love _mystic_love Aug 07, 2015
@MerryChrismas5 Yay! thank you :) xx I think I'm gonna continue it then :))
CrimsonFae CrimsonFae Aug 07, 2015
I think you should! But only if you want too! Your writing and thought process is very good
_mystic_love _mystic_love Aug 07, 2015
@MerryChrismas5 Thank you so much!  :) should I continue the story? I don't think I'm doing very good...