Carnal Devotion (Lesbian Stories) Smut

Carnal Devotion (Lesbian Stories) Smut

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The Wordsmith? By MyiamLove Updated Nov 22, 2017

For some, its like a drug. A constant craving that demands relief. For otheres, its a duty. A bred obligation to their people. But for me, its a unsatisfyable hunger. That eats away at me, begging me to have more. It never rest, never lets up. My only comfort is when I am in between the legs of my unsuspecting lover. 

My hunger drives me here. It is the ultimate curse, yet also the greatest blessing. Here, I am the royal. Here I am the Goddess of all things in the art of seduction. And here, I wait for my next.... I wonder, will that be you? 

Do be warned loves. Lots of girl on girl action. I consider request, but may not always do them. 
Most of my work is random cravings. Viewer discretion is advised. 
Please, if sexy stories of lesbian lusting is not your thing, don't read!. 
Rated Perv
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Junebug211 Junebug211 Jul 09, 2017
How do you stand for two hours not being aware of the time not once?!
MyiamLove MyiamLove Oct 30, 2016
Lol, a little mixed up? No, she took Sasha's sister in laws, roommates virginity.
CloudlessLife CloudlessLife Apr 01, 2016
Confused af i thought sasha married the guy and had popped the teens cherry
ZAllDaii ZAllDaii Oct 30, 2016
Wait..How is that supposed to work when your daughter's new step-mom...took away her virginity. This whole relationship needs to burn and die because its to far gone.
mickeythered mickeythered Oct 18, 2015
All I have to strip off is my panties and bra, cause I am on my spread open knees touching my wet kitty through my panties. I want to pinch my nipples. Can I do that master?
MyiamLove MyiamLove Oct 16, 2015
*licks lips* let them watch.  As long as I have you on your knees and wet, I don't care who sees. Now kitty, how about a strip dance? I'd love to see you move.