Venus As A Boy (Frerard)

Venus As A Boy (Frerard)

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v i o l e t By violetmoreviolence Updated Jul 07

Gerard is an art teacher going through a sexuality crisis. Frank is a decidedly gay teen who like to dress as a girl. When Frank is put in Gerard's class, Frank is certain about his crush on the new teacher. Gerard is intrigued by Frank's beauty but his student only seems to add to his confusion.

Teacher/Student TeacherxStudent Frerard.

This is short and kinda like a long oneshot. Not sure how many parts I'll write.

Okay okay so you clearly need to retake "truth telling 101" again
Goodbye as in " I'm breaking up with you" because that's the only way I see it
Why the hell is cross dressing against the dress code?? I'm a girl and I wear clothes that are made for boys sometimes so why can't guys wear shirts and dresses huh???? *Realizes this is just a book and tries to hide in a corner*
the fact that in an argument, Gerard would be like "alright honey, calm down.." and Frank would be like "YOU DON'T AGREE WITH ME? BITCH STFU, I WILL STAPLE YOUR DICK TO THE CEILING I'M FROM JERSEY!!!" is amazing.
                              *breaths out softly*
He's doing it with your dad
                              Frank Iero. Homewrecker and sassy crossdresser since whenever he started dressing like a hot chick