Is it wrong to love a killer? boyxboy

Is it wrong to love a killer? boyxboy

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Zecori blackheart Flare By moonbacks Updated 5 days ago

"w-w-what d-do you want?" I asked, fearing for my life 
"Do you want to kill me? P-please don't kill me"

"don't worry I won't kill you" he purrs sending shivers down my spine.

"w-what do y-you want f-fr-from m-me?"

"you'll see" he says then jumps out my window

That's the night I met my psychopathic killer stalker... everything from That point on was....well your going to have to see for yourself X3

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vileAmkeran vileAmkeran Jul 31, 2017
Is it bad for a prank I grabbed my sister's favorite flower a Lillie covered it in fake blood put on a medical gown covered out side her door held the flower and said 'at least she tried'
PupilLlama PupilLlama May 31, 2017
I always knew my cat thought of eating my heart because he would sit on my face and put his paws on my chest...
vileAmkeran vileAmkeran Jul 31, 2017
I would honestly do the same like 'he didn't hurt me I'm ok with that'