... Of Rainbows And Unicorns [Chanbaek One shot]

... Of Rainbows And Unicorns [Chanbaek One shot]

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"Why does Chanyeol hyung hates Baekhyun?" Baekhyun pouts.

"Because Chanyeol hyung said that Baekhyun's too childish." Chanyeol chuckled at the cute childish pouting boy in front of him.

"But Baekhyun likes Chanyeol hyung so much... Baekhyun would be sad if Chanyeol didnt like him either. Baekhyun is cute. Baekhyun is pretty. Baekhyun is beautiful. Baekhyun is handsome. Baekhyun is..." Baekhyun said non-stop.

"Dont worry. Chanyeol hyung also likes Baekhyun."

Genre: fluff
Language: English

*note: Baekhyun is 2 and a half years younger than Chanyeol here*

I was inspired on doing this by my super fave author, Park Baekkie and her story "EXO OTP one shots collections" in the chapter "The Question Of The Day: KaiSoo"

1st cover// @yeolfic-
2nd cover// @firelightus

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this is why baekhyun talks in third person, because chanyeol wont let the damn child get edumacated
this kids, is an example of what not to do when you're home alone and a stranger shows up.
ChanyeolBakon ChanyeolBakon Jun 03, 2017
Are you sure?Don't you mean inches, I find a meter and a half a little too short depending on your age.
oooof_23 oooof_23 Apr 01
Awww xiumins birfday was the other day he’s 28 now imma cry😭
WhoIsWoojin WhoIsWoojin Sep 26, 2017
Me is malay, french, koran, japanese, chinese, english, trying to learn éspanol
kamjak noraesong I'm spilling tears this part cannot be takes seriously sorry ya'll