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-Kickthepj x reader-

First off, you're a girl. You're 25 years old.
You have a lot of secrets. 

First secret, you're ArrowTheGeek. A successful YouTuber, specifically vlogger, who keeps her identity a secret.

Second secret, you have social anxiety.

Third secret, you like Pj Liguori.

When you finally move to England, you whole life changes. You meet new people and get to live the dream. But is this really what you wanted? 

*Trigger warning. Panic attacks. Anxiety.*

Also, logic doesn't exist

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jtarver0202 jtarver0202 Nov 02, 2017
Mean girls!!! 👏🏻oh👏🏻my👏🏻god👏🏻yas👏🏻queen👏🏻!!!!
wheychey wheychey Mar 11, 2017
hate to be the bearer of bad news but in ur book description it goes from 'second secret:' to 'fourth secret:' y'all missed the third secret!! just wanted to say :)))
Flameme Flameme Oct 14, 2016
Just gonna say this right here: first chapters suck. This was my first experience with english and writing. Sorry. Enjoy anyways.
its_me_nyrad its_me_nyrad Feb 16, 2017
My school put on a production of mean girls (which I was in) and it was very emotional when it ended
IsabelCervantes1 IsabelCervantes1 Jan 08, 2017
Literally yesterday my friends where making a mean girls reference and I said "On pink we where Wednesday." Immediately realized I messed up and screamed "F*cking a!0
KittyQueen2005 KittyQueen2005 Jan 14, 2017
That is the opposite of me. I can be friends with anyone I try to be friends with. Everyone wants to be my friend, even the older kids