Instinct || Teen Wolf  [1] (UNDER EDITTING)

Instinct || Teen Wolf [1] (UNDER EDITTING)

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❝Was this what it was like to die?❞
Kate never expected much.  After her mom died, her and her aunt hopped from place to place, never really settling down.  Then she arrives in Beacon Hills.  Kate meets a mysterious boy and she begins to think she can have a life again.  Until she starts to see things.  Dangerous things.  She doesn't realize she stepped into the secret world of Beacon Hills and once you go in, you never, ever, come out.
Hopefully, she makes it out alive. 
I do not own the teen wolf show (although I wished I was as talented as the writers who write the show) I do not own the show. I do not own any of the characters off the show such as Scott, Alison, Derek, Stiles, Lydia and so on. The only characters I own are Kate (main character, who I created), her aunt and Jason. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my book.


Season 1 || Teen Wolf


It can't be derek cause he has green eyes so it probably would be peter if anyone was her father
Anna_Donovan Anna_Donovan Sep 04, 2016
Patristically : meaning-of or relating to the writings of the early church fathers. 😊 maybe replace it with 'patronisingly optimistic'? I'm not trying to be an áss or anything, only trying to help 😊 loving this so far, very intrigued 😄
voidIydia voidIydia Aug 04, 2015
Okay so this book is set around the time of season one on teen wolf with a few added characters and some big changes. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!