Fishleg's Sister (reader x Tuffnut)

Fishleg's Sister (reader x Tuffnut)

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y/n. Fishlegs' little sister, is the complete opposite to him. he's nerdy, she's mentally-challanged. he's chubby, she's not. he's a coward, she's brave.

y/n is friends with the twins and is up to no good. she can be very mysterious at times.

what happens when y/n starts to grow feelings for one if her friends *cough* tuffnut.

takes part from httyd1 and onwards.

*may contain words some may find offensive.

rated PG 12

*there aren't that many tuffnut stories. so I decided to write one. 

I mean, come on. it's tuff, who can't love that lil idiot*

Starsten Starsten Jan 06
Wait!! Wait wait wait!!!! HE'S WEARING A HELMET!!! I JUST NOTICED THIS!