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Fading Away

Fading Away

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Dom...dom...dom! By 0Exquisite0 Updated Aug 24, 2010

Death....? Is it an end or a beginning? Where do you go once you die...... Do you go to a paradise like heaven or just to hell.......Do you remember what you left behind? Or do you forget?

Once alive and now dead, Adriana, is left with hardly any memory of who she was a ghost, she has to find how she died and most importantly why.

This is a tale of darkness, magic, the unbelievable and light........... Go on read more!!!!!! Please!   

darkdestiny darkdestiny Sep 24, 2010
upload..your fans and bffs are dying...and u do know 8bludaze8 will bite you.... i'll be more subtle and come for you in your sleep with a coconut with a smiley psychotic smile on its face and...ima throw it at u.....hehehe =) SET LOOSE THE INFANTRY!!!!!
8bluedaze8 8bluedaze8 Sep 23, 2010
If you don't upload I am going to bite you (you know I will)
0Exquisite0 0Exquisite0 Sep 22, 2010
Excuse me. what is this conversation going on about me and my writing issues ;)! Dont be such meanies I have problems n, hey, im not a lazy bugger,
                               okay maybe I am! :))
darkdestiny darkdestiny Sep 22, 2010
@8bluedaze8 hey u here as well!! yeah she betta upload soon!!! im coming with maaah coconuts!!!
8bluedaze8 8bluedaze8 Sep 22, 2010
UPLOAD! UPLOAD! UPLOAD! UPLOAD! UPLOAD! UPLOAD!@darkdestiny I know, what is wrong with her!
darkdestiny darkdestiny Aug 27, 2010
@darkdestiny you betta give in your letter, sir is gonna kill you!!!! BTW upload or im gonna bake you in an oven!!! i will also eat a toblerone right in your face and give you none!!! upload... plz.....