Famous ! Cake ( BoyxBoy )

Famous ! Cake ( BoyxBoy )

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Luke is a fan of a band of 3 that includes a drummer, a guitarist and a bassist. The bassist being his favourite member.

"I'll only ever be a fan to Calum nothing more"

One night Calum is going through his mentions on Twitter and keeps seeing the same username popping up from spam tweets and decides to follow the person to make them happy but he didn't  know the boy he followed was Luke.

Famous!Calum, Ashton and Michael

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CuddleMeYugy CuddleMeYugy Dec 15, 2017
Honestly..... this is the best part about having a job that pays well 😂😂😂😂 #UnlimitedBandMerch
TheHeavenlyWriter TheHeavenlyWriter Jul 03, 2017
Why would this be me with every band member if every band I like?
lollipop70188 lollipop70188 Nov 12, 2017
Is it weird that I don’t log out of twitter in my computer
LuvMeSumAussie LuvMeSumAussie Dec 28, 2017
^ I like ‘boy clothes’ more than girls so, when I dress up ‘like a boy’ my dad gets annoyed and treats me like garbage. I’m used to it though.
smilirose smilirose Feb 26, 2017
honestly i can't use my Laptop cause the Charger is broken and it's only been a day but i'm already missing it so much