Rich Girls and Bad Boys

Rich Girls and Bad Boys

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Lord ^.0 By Lord_Tommo Completed

"Hey nerd." West, the school's bad boy mutters as he purposely runs into me and makes me drop every single one of my books. I crawl around, trying to gather my books when my phone smashes on the ground. The screen cracks in all different places in a spider web shaped pattern. I pick up my books as West laughs at me and parades down the hallway with his friends.

I don't understand what is the big dilemma about this guy. Ok, I'll tell you what it is. He's 'hot' and he's a badass. He may be a total jerk but that doesn't stop every single girl from swooning when he walks past them, apart from me of course.

Apparently I have no worth in the eyes of anyone in this school. I am too 'nerdy, ugly and uncool' to be any good here. I don't think that they realise, when I grow up and become famous and they're left here cleaning toilets, I'll be the cool one. But now I have to deal with their annoying and rude comments. But you know what? I don't care.

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adri_6013 adri_6013 Nov 16
You have a fone... But choose to get a damn app to text ohhh the irony type of fuckery is that
kiana346 kiana346 May 05
DOVE CAMERON FROM DISNEY CHANNEL I LOVE HER I LOVE HER MUSIC.AND.STYLE but not as much as i love you book and im dove camerons #3 fan
bermuda1 bermuda1 Mar 16
Penelope Looks SO Pretty With Glasses!💕😍😎 👓 And I Like The Username PrincessPenelope!❤😍💕😋😘
Most of the stories i read are like that. The nerds usually get paired to the bad boy
The Partner Project. This is in almost every single one of the Hugh School stories I've read
I don't know if it's the names stereotype but Stephanie is always use a the queen bitch of he school