Stevie + Ally

Stevie + Ally

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Ally's room

"No, it cant be Monday already" Ally moaned as she heard her alarm echo around her room, she turned over and shut off her phone. She dragged herself out of bed and looked at herself in the mirror, "Now what am I going to wear, am I going to look like a lesbian stereotype, or am I going to go in something presentable." Ally went into her closet and grabbed a pair of ripped black skinny jeans, a red plaid shirt and a black tank top underneath, "The lesbian stereotype it is", she said to herself as she looked in the mirror again. She grabbed her bag and left for school. 

Stevie's room 

"No, not school, why?" Stevie dragged herself out of bed and got herself ready, she put on her black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. She laid back onto her bed, dreading the day ahead, not only did she have a Math test that she didn't study for but she had to put up with people making fun of her for being gay, "I mean what wrong with being gay, have you seen girls", she thought to herself, ...

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