Permanent {Complete}

Permanent {Complete}

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Ziam_Mayne ❤ By Ziam_Whale_Lover Completed

Losing your memory, could possibly be the hardest thing in life.
Not knowing people around you, your loved one. Yourself.

Liam was in an accident that caused him to lose his Long-Term memory.
During his time in the hospital, Liam would go for little walks around the busy hallways, one day he bumps into a man, could it be? No. Liam was ecstatic, his 'Boyfriend' came to see him.

That day Liam's dad had followed Liam, Liam persisting to take his 'Boyfriend' back to his room, his dad stopped him and had a word with this man.

They ended up making a deal, Liam's dad would pay this man, to be Liam 'Pretend Boyfriend' if you will.

As time went on, they started doing things normal people do in relationships. 
The man started to develop feeling for this damaged boy, but he had a secret of his own....

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Tronnor_for_life Tronnor_for_life Oct 08, 2017
I'm re reading this and realized this sounds a lot like Josh 😂
Angiecatlover Angiecatlover Aug 30, 2017
I love this song. Bruno Mars- When I Was Your Man 💚💚💚💚
kaneki-san_kawaii kaneki-san_kawaii Dec 01, 2016
Se ve genial! ya quiero leerla!! Oh por sierto hola gente ^^
AlienGrrl AlienGrrl Oct 26, 2015
Oh my god spoilers tho. What if zayn actually was liams boyfriend but nobody knew and that's why he was lingering around the hospital