Tyga's daughter

Tyga's daughter

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Ariana sànchez By Ariana_tbd Updated May 07

Harmony prov
I get home from dance and my dad is home and so is his girlfriend kylie i cant stand her so i just go upstairs to my room and i hear a knock at the door and kylie comes in and i didnt even say come in

K - hey harmony were going to my moms house u wanna come.

H - yeah how about i not so get out and have a nice day

K - ohk but y dont you like me did your mom say anything about me cause iv'e been nothin bit nice to you Harmony i just want you to like me.

H - u wanna know y i dont like you... because i think your the reason dad and mom broke up and u ALL ways have dad and i fell like you take him away from me and king and u think your better than everyone but your really not kylie.

K - Omg im so sorry i didnt mean to take your dad away from you and king and if u think im the reason ur dad and black chyna broke up than u can think that but im sorry i hope u can forgive me And i dont think in better than everyone thats kendall and Kim not the rest of us can u for give me...

Snickers8040 Snickers8040 Mar 08, 2016
is it hot or cold there, I mean shes wearing boots with a crop top. XD...but the story is good so far