Magcon Dirty Imagines

Magcon Dirty Imagines

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MrsJackGilisnky By MrsJackGilisnky Updated Aug 17, 2015

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Y/n p.o.v

I pulled up in my driveway furious. I was at my job on my break checking twitter when I saw a picture of Jack and some girl kissing and holding hands. I was done with his bullshit. I slammed my front door to my apartmentand threw my stuff on the ground. 

All I needed was a hot shower. I went to my bedroom and went to the bathroom. I practically ripped my clothes off and jumped in the shower. I stood there my eyes closed. The hot water felt good. I didnt know what to do any more. He is so dam bipolar,  one day he says he loves me then the next day he is screaming at me for saying something I dont recall saying. I was feeling mixed emotions of Mad and sad. 

I was trying to figure out who the girl was when a big pair of arms wrapped around me. I tensed up and pushed him away. 
"What are you doing! " I screamed at him. "Why are you screaming at me y/n!" He screamed back.  I looked at him like he was stupid. " I was on twitter when I saw a picture of...

FreakyGirl2005 FreakyGirl2005 Nov 05, 2017
So... Are we just going to forget that our bf was kissing another slüt? •_•
_RosePhantomheart_ _RosePhantomheart_ Jan 27, 2016
Why would you trust him if his- you know what nevermind, I don't  understand life anymore.😂😂😂