The Mist's Heiress

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Natshane By Natshane Updated 7 months ago
Misty is no ordinary girl. When she was born, her mum died, her dad disappeared and she was left to the hands of the sisters. But, she was claimed by the mist. She grew up in the Orphanage, treated by the sisters cruelly and never known of the world beyond the gates. She thought that the world was only filled with cruelty, until one day when a strangely familiar man appeared and helped her escape. 
    She had her first taste of freedom, but she soon learned that with that freedom, comes a terrifying price.
@Natshane Aw! I give good complimetns? That's a compliment to me, haha xD And, it's totally cool. I'm sorry I missed your reply! >.< My stupid news tells me nothing. nothing I tell you!
I am stating that I love you're mad writing skittles. Seriously, it was all written beautifully :)