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a. By ughasifs Updated Oct 09, 2016

second book in Disorder Series

Victoria Lloyd is your typical young adult in college. Well... I wouldn't necessarily say your 'typical' girl- she has Bulimia. One day she's binge eating, and then the next she is obsessing over her weight. Not only is her disorder an absolute burden, but not being able to see her mother and helping her father take care of her younger sister by juggling with bills and such, is also quite an obstacle.

 So, Victoria's father makes her go to sessions with a therapist, in order to help her disorder and other life predicaments. As she goes to the clinic, she meets Justin Bieber who for the most part, seems like a really nice guy. But, she notices that his mood changes quite...quite frequently. And, she is going to get to the bottom of his confidential life secrets, one way or another.

all rights reserved ©ughasifs 2015-16
cover by: secutegrxnde

-champagnebieber -champagnebieber Apr 30, 2016
Don't  mine me but I though she was smoking weed my imagination  is wild
-champagnebieber -champagnebieber May 01, 2016
I'm tender haired like Jesus  My mom can't  even put a comb in my head without me crying like a baby and I hate getting my hair done ughhhhh
HiddenPoetries HiddenPoetries Jul 19, 2016
wait, im reading this while the tay and kim feud is on going
-champagnebieber -champagnebieber Apr 30, 2016
I hate throwing up and sometime when you are brushing your teeth and you push you tooth brush to far
SomeGirl9 SomeGirl9 Jun 06, 2016
Guys the video of him calling a paparazzi a bully had me dying 😂😂😂
-champagnebieber -champagnebieber Apr 30, 2016
When I live in Michigan  and I can't  even go out side without a jacket